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Its a need...

Even with the emergence of social media and the third phase of the internet (Web3) every business, personal brand and organization needs a branded website. Depending on what level of development your firm is at, you need a website that is UX designed, ADA Compliant and full of the bells and whistles that makes it easy for your audience to engage in an easy and straight forward way. 

Website Development & Design

Phoenix Affect knows the abilities of the web and knows how to market and create the “face” for you and your mission. We are ready to share our experience with you and help you realize your vision.
Need a web site? Yes, you do, no matter what the vocation and aim, a website legitimizes you to your community and abroad.
Need a great design and functionality? You will get it. Design and content matter, without a website that stands out above the millions of templated websites, you will be lost amongst the crowd. Accessibility is a huge part of having a successful website. This is where reliable hosting comes into play. At Phoenix Affect, we lead you in the right direction to make sure you get the hosting server that will best suit your website.

Choose your plan

Many of our web design projects are custom, however many prefer a simpler approach. Look below at our various plans to see where you can begin.

What We Build...
The Standard

Essentials Website Creation Features the Standard Items +

$5,000 – $10,000

One Time Fee 


Per Month if Financed through Us

Organizational or Large Business Web Development


Pricing available based on needs.
Consulation necessary to begin.

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