Colorado health capitol

Project Info

Healthier Colorado approached the Phoenix Affect about creating a new, clean and mobile friendly website for its tenants and its new organizational hub: the Colorado Health Capitol.


Colorado Health Capitol


Denver, CO

Project Year


Surface Area

26,000 sq ft

Project Head

Phoenix Jackson

Project Description

The Colorado Health Capitol is home to non-profit organizations who elevate the well-being of people in our state, and serves as a beacon to attract needed attention to Colorado’s health. We collaborate and leverage collective resources that strengthen each organization’s ability to accomplish their respective missions. Together, we make an even bigger impact on improving mental, physical, social and economic health in communities across Colorado. We are Colorado’s first and only shared space with this mission-driven focus. Health impacts everyone. Health does not have a political affiliation or denomination. Colorado’s Health Capitol aims to be home to diverse health leaders, literally breaking down walls and silos to act as the center of health policy in Colorado.

Below is a list of deliverables to the Colorado Health Capitol:

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